Antique Brick

Antique Brick is recovered from historical buildings in many areas of the East Coast and Midwest. The rich texture of antique brick and availability makes it a natural choice for your custom home or architectural project. Antique brick can be used as an exterior brick or on the interior in walls, archways, backsplashes and floors.
Acadian Brick & Stone - Old St. Louis
We stock authentic Old St. Louis, Old South Carolina, Antique Kansas City, and Old Birmingham red. Other selections are offered as they become available. Antique Tennessee, Carolina Reds, Old Spartanburg, and Indiana Reds are some of the other antique brick we have provided to our customers.

Custom Blends or matching "the look" you have chosen are our specialties.

We want to be a part of your dream home project.

Please view our featured homes using Antique Brick in our Photo Gallery, or contact us for additional information or samples.